Conductive/antistatic molded gratings

Conductive/antistatic molded gratings

C.M. produces a line of high-performance gratings that are suitable for use in specific areas with higher technical requirements. C.M. fibreglass gratings can be supplied in two different versions, namely conductive or antistatic/dissipative. The control of unwanted static electricity on personnel is necessary in areas with controlled static electricity (ESD), for example in the chemical and petrochemical sector, in explosives, electronics and pharmaceuticals to prevent static build-up. These gratings are ideal for ATEX areas (Directive 94/9/EC on equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres), for the shipbuilding sector and for areas characterized by the presence of electric fields. C.M. conductive / antistatic gratings can be of two types: • Carbon black • “ESD line” with polyester and carbon black top coat  

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Conductive molded gratings

Antistatic molded gratings ESD line


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