Ventilation equipment for confined spaces

ventilation01Pozovent - Gas exhauster for confined spaces

Pozovent is an air blower for confined spaces. Easily adaptable to a manhole of 600 Ä 800 m0. Pozovent it’s an autonomous equipment which does not need a generator and allows users to work with a clean and a complete decontaminated air.  
  • A 3mm protection grid for blade propellers.
  • It incorporates an EPDM air joint that allows a perfect connection to the opening of the well
  • Easily adapted to any manhole.
  • Autonomous equipment that does not need a generator.
  • From 1800 to 8000 m3/h flow
  • E.C. Certificate

Available in 3 versions:

  1. Petrol engine of 4 kw (BRIGGS STRATON QUALITY)
  2. Petrol engine of 5 kw (BRIGGS STRATON QUALITY)
  3. Single phase electric motor of 0.75 kw



ventilation05BVG BOX series - Air Blower for Confined Spaces

BVG BOX is our new portable air blower for confined spaces and ventilation of urban sanitation. This workstation consisting of an insulated, sound-absorbing and high power drive (3000 m3 /h) with speed regulator, a 20W high power Led spotlight and socket base for coupling machines up to 2000 W .

The extraction booth is equipped with a self-extinguishing flexible conduit of 10 meters of extended length and half a meter folded, that can be mounted in both the drive and the suction.

  • Drawer to store the tube, clamps and other tools the user may need.
  • Handles, anti-puncture wheels and anti-vibratory supports for easy transportation and handling.
  • Protection mesh to avoid bodies of great volume being sucked or trapped.
  • Washable filter

ventilation09Turbovent - gas exhaust fan

It is a positive pressure gas exhauster equipment with Honda gasoline engine. Robust and durable, made of galvanized sheet and blades of great flow (20,000 m3 / hr.)

Ideal to evacuate and eliminate the heat, smoke and toxic gases, so you can then intervene and attack the fire once the extreme conditions are cleared.

A flexible tube of 500mm diameter can be attached.



BVG series Air blower 

Our BVG Air box, is a useful tool for the ventilation and extraction of gases and bad odours from confined spaces, manholes and inspection chambers. 

  • It comes equipped with plastic pipes reinforced with steel.
  • When folded down it is just 0,5 m. long and when unfolded it becomes a 10 m. long self-extinguishing conduit.
  • The Air box comes with an airflow regulator and can be supplied with handrails and wheels.
  • Peak flows range goes from 1,350 m3/h to 11,000 m3/h.


For flammable gas environments (i.e. methane) we can supply the Gas Exhauster equipped with spark-proof fan and flame-proof engine.



CVG series - Sparkproof air blower

Gas exhauster, designed to remove gases and bad smells from inspection wells and collectors in the presence of potentially explosive airstreams.

It is manufactured according to customer requirements, with explosion-proof motor and anti-spark fan with copper ears.


It’s very frequent for workers to face bad smells when entering wells, collectors or any confined spaces in general, although a more serious issue is that they are also often exposed to odourless, harmful gases, that are not only dangerous because of their inhalation but because they can also be highly explosive (e.g.: methane).



Motovent: Autonomous gas exhauster

Portable air blower to extingish bad odours and toxic gases for confined spaces:

  • Retractable handrails and wheel for easy transportation.
  • Anti-puncture tyres and safety brakes.
  • Total autonomy thanks to its own engine, no need for a generator or any extra equipment.
  • Made from galvanized steel, no welding used for its manufacturing.
  • Peak flow of 6,500 m3/h., although can be made up to 11000 m3/h.


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