Manhole Step Irons


Our manhole steps are manufactured with non-recycled polypropylene copolymer and high-quality calibrated steel bar type F1 to ensure durability and long life of the step.

We do not use recovered materials on any of our models, ensuring the highest durability, strength and long life of the manhole steps, with great performance despite the aggressive environments found in wells and their temperature changes.

The recovered materials used by other providers are not guaranteed to be a homogeneous and unique material. The various materials that make up the recovered plastic have different coefficients of expansion, therefore when the plastic cracks, it begins the oxidation process of the inner steel, causing the destruction of the step irons.

SUPERIOR QUALITY – We not just say it. We proved it.

At Iverna 2000, we are proud of our products and our manhole steps are all about quality. We have our own lab for testing our step irons, to make sure we meet and exceed all quality standards in accordance with the mandatory European Standard EN-13101.

We test our products every 1000 units produced and all our shipments are accompanied with a detailed report that is specific to that production batch and all required documentation in accordance with European norm EN-13101.

Product Types

Manhole Step Irons Classic Line

Manhole Step Irons Modern Line

Ecopate - Economical And Ecological Line

Special Step Irons: Anchorable 330

Special Step Irons: 400cr & 400 Cr Plus

Special Step Irons: 330cr

Special Step Irons: Mountain Step


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