FRP-ACS Vertical Ladder

FRP-ACS Vertical Ladder

C.M. s.r.l manufactures fixed marine ladders – or vertical ladders - according to the EN ISO 14122-4 standard. They are tested according to the EN 131 standard. C.M. also provides CE-marked ladders according to the UNI EN 14396 standard, which are designed and built for manholes. C.M. obtained the ACS certification (ACS - Attestation de Conformité sanitaire), a French official certification issued by the French General Directorate of Health, attesting the conformity of C.M. ladders for use within aqueducts, in direct contact with drinking water. FRP marine ladders are built and preassembled in the factory. Wall mounting is performed by means of stainless steel or FRP brackets. Compared with other metal vertical ladders, they provide the following advantages:

1. High resistance to aggressive chemicals and weathering;
2. High mechanical strength / weight ratio;
3. Lightness;
4. Dimensional stability;
5. High dielectric properties;
6. No maintenance;
7. Easy installation.

Product Types

Fixed FRP vertical ladders

Fixed FRP vertical ladders - ACS

Fixing devices

Safety cage devices

Safety devices


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